Complete the online survey provided by Academy located at and register for your chance to win 00 in the form of a gift card. This

Academy Survey –

Complete the online survey provided by Academy located at and register for your chance to win 00 in the form of a gift card. This gift card is valid to use at any participating Academy sports and outdoors as well as making purchases through their website online.

Take a few minutes of your time to share your latest consumer experience regarding a participating Academy sports and outdoors. Your recent experience will serve to provide Academy with much-needed and very valuable information. This information will give them the opportunity to make needed changes in product availability, store cleanliness, store locations, prices and customer service. The survey itself is noninvasive and asks only general questions of your last visit. However, you are given the opportunity to get as detailed as you would like to get. This is your opportunity to speak freely and really express your valued opinions, thoughts and ideas.

To take the survey you will need to have a recent receipt that pertains the necessary information required of the feedback survey. You’ll need an Internet connection as well as a smart device or computer that allows you to access the official website. Estimated time of completion including registering for the sweepstakes giveaway of 00 is approximately seven minutes.

Simply visit the host domain for the survey found at Once the page has loaded for you, you’ll need to enter five is of information that are vital are continuing to the survey. These five pieces of information include the date, time, transaction number, store number and the register number. Once you have filled in this information, you will need to click the start button to continue.

The following questions are multiple-choice and have to do with your personal experience during your last visit. Generally you will be rating your overall consumer experience on a level from dissatisfied highly satisfied.

You will be given the opportunity to speak openly in a text box that allows you to explain exactly why you feel the way you feel about the Academy that you visited. After explaining how you fill in as little or as many words as you would like, your than given the opportunity to enter the 00 sweepstakes giveaway.

To enter the the drawing for 00 gift card to Academy sports and outdoors, you will need to provide your name, phone number and valid email address. You’re given the opportunity to either accept emails from Academy or opt out of receiving them. Once this information is completed, simply submitted and you’re done. Your candid feedback is very valuable and much appreciated.

Academy Survey –

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