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AT&T Rewards & Rebates Program

At&t rewards and rebate center is the place for customers to view, redeem, activate and check the status of all rewards and rebates from At&t. Getting started is easy, and if you are currently a member you should be taking full advantage of the perks offered to you through this program.

Some of the services offered directly through their rewards page include “Redeeming your reward”. This is done by entering your redemption ID or your At&t account number to get started. You can also activate or check the current balance of your At&t reward card. To do this simply click the activate/check balance button and begin by entering the first 4 digits of the number of the front of your card. For further and complete information on utilizing the rewards and account program, please refer to our How to guide listed below.

  1. First, you will start by going to the official rewards and rebate page at:
  2. Once you get to that page you will see three different tabs.
  3. An AT&T Home Solutions tab, the Wireless Devices tab, and the AT&T Refer-a-Friend tab.
  4.  Choose the tab that best suits your situation at the time.
  5.  If you are using the AT&T Home Solutions tab, you will click the blue ‘Redeem’ button if you would like to redeem your reward.
  6.  If you want to activate or check the balance of an AT&T reward card, you will click on the blue ‘Activate/Check Balance’ button.
  7. Once you click on the tab, you will then be taken to a screen that will prompt you to enter your redemption ID or Confirmation number, or your account number and zip code.
  8.  Once you do this, you will click ‘Go’.

It will then take you to your rewards, and you can manage your rewards and claim any rebates that may be due to you. If you have trouble with inputting your information, you can click on the ‘User Not found?’ tab to help you find your account and account details.  Once you do this, you will be ready to view and manage all of your rewards and rebates.

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